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Delivering Technology’s Promise

Because cookie-cutter IT solutions are so often inadequate, technology’s real challenge is fulfilling its promised potential. Blending insight with innovation, strategy and best practices, T2 Group has propelled leading healthcare clients to thrive, not just survive.

We unleash the potential to improve lives, not just bottom lines.

Enterprise solutions skillfully executed for a profitable, sustainable future because each is designed to empower our clients to do more at a lower cost, anchored by a proven methodology, transparency and total accountability.

We Get It Done.

T2 solutions are thoughtfully engineered to deliver as promised. The product of methodology you can believe in, executed by committed, seasoned employees, each with proven expertise you can count on. Reach out to see how we can support your organizational needs.

Transformational Technology Consulting

T2 Tech

T2 Tech is a leading technology consulting/advisory practice of T2 Group, serving many of the nation’s leading hospitals and health systems. Our team of technology experts deliver transformational solutions to complex technology challenges that align IT strategies with business strategies.

Transformation Realized
Virtual Concierge

T2 Flex

T2 Flex is your workforce solution for friendly and dependable remote administrative associates. Our friendly domestic associates are quickly integrated into your systems and processes with our purpose-built T2 Flex™ Platform, allowing them to connect with more customers per day, improve the customer experience and deliver more revenue.

Support Realized
Clinical Lab Testing Solutions

T2 Labs

T2 Labs support lab efforts to add high volume COVID-19 testing with minimal effort through our turn-key solution, including test kits, instrumentation, consumables, workflows, and skilled technicians. Alternatively, we can provide a stable and consistent supply of assay and consumables to ensure existing labs are equipped with the necessary resources during the pandemic.

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Executive Leadership

Managing Partner
Kevin Torf
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Managing Partner
Robert Konishi
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Leigh Sleeman
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Kyle Torf
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Chief People & Culture Officer
Gill Bland
Chief Financial Officer
Jake Doolittle

Where others fall short, we exceed expectations.

T2 Group has elevated advisory and consulting services and redefined the design and implementation of enterprise solutions across the ever-evolving technology spectrum.  Healthcare to finance, insurance to pharmacy, for education, entertainment and government, at work in virtually every industry.

Positioned to meet challenges both known and unexpected.

Proven T2 success is showcased in Project Management that illustrates a company that is fully prepared, engaged and nimble. Our uncommon oversight methodology and vast experience is seen in everything from consulting to distributed workforce augmentation; clinical COVID 19 testing to meeting evolving and emerging crises, and the development of custom software to harvest opportunities, but also to solve immediate problems and proactively prevent new ones.

Looking for a Specific Solution?

We can provide a free consultation that will help figure out your organizational hurdles.