Since its inception in 2006, T2 Group has strived to deliver innovative technology and dedicated services to the medical and healthcare industry. In that time, T2 Group has enabled many of the largest healthcare organizations in the US surpass their technology goals and patient satisfaction through hard work, commitment, and creativity.

Like most companies, Covid-19 had a major effect on business operations and growth. They have been fortunate enough to not have had to lay off any staff during Covid-19 due to the virus and lack of work. In fact, the T2 Group acquired a new company focused on providing patient scheduling support, T2 Flex, and launched T2 Labs, assisting SoCal hospitals with Covid testing of healthcare staff.

During this time, the team has stepped up to fill huge roles and responsibilities within the company–a testament to both the individuals as well as The T2 Group’s dedication to hiring exceptional talent and retention via top of the market compensation and culture.

“When our employees show us what they are worth to the company, we no longer compare their salaries to the market, we pay them what they are worth to the company. We believe that retaining awesome staff is key our success as a growing business, and we can only grow with the best – thus we make sure our staff are happy, challenged and highly compensated,” stated Gill Torf, Chief People and Culture Officer at T2 Group.

Robert Half listed that the top five changes as a result of Covid-19 are:

  • More frequent communication from leadership by 38%
  • Improved collaboration by 37%
  • More innovation by 32%
  • Greater transparency into business priorities by 31%
  • More efficient processes by 30%

T2 has embraced these changes, and it has become exceedingly clear that they have come into play in their business practices.

“We pride ourselves on the clear direction that the company plans to scale and grow and we show each of our employees how they have the opportunity to do the same within the company,” Torf continued.