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What Sets Us Apart

T2 Flex is part of the T2 Group. We have been working with healthcare systems for more than 30 years. Everything we do is fueled by our ability and passion for making healthcare work better through technology, and that’s why we have been entrusted with some of the largest, most complex technology transformations in the sector.
For T2 Flex, that means a remote contact center workforce enabled by technology to create higher quality and a better experience—for the patient, the health care practice, and the call center staff.

Leaders in Healthcare Access

Imagine if…

You had complete flexibility to meet your patients’ needs for easy, fast, and effective access to scheduling appointments, without worrying about hiring, training, security—or changing the systems you already use today.
T2 Flex merges a commitment to exceptional human experience with the most sophisticated technology available to bring a higher level of quality to patient scheduling. And for good reason: the efficiency and reputation of your medical practices, as well as the care and satisfaction of your patients, depend on it.

Our goal is to make sure you always gain value from working with us. So we have structured T2 Flex for:

A seamless integration with the systems and processes you already use—we adapt to you, not the other way around.

The best in agent recruitment, training, retention, satisfaction, and quality—just look at the faces of our agents, and what they say about being with us.

The same level and breadth of service, whether your patients reach out by phone, chatbot or text message.

An exceptional patient experience, because our operations and quality assurance are built with that as the goal—and to be more cost-effective, with complete, real-time transparency to you.

Workforce management that enhances the agents’ work experience and ensures thorough monitoring—so the quality comes from the combination of job satisfaction and strict controls.

The remarkable technology capability that is inherent in being part of the T2 Group—which means we bring the most sophisticated in everything from phone systems to training tools, artificial intelligence, data analysis, and cyber-security.

A global footprint that means we can always be on, whenever you need staffing, at the cost that works for you.

Agent Retention

From your patient’s perspective, it’s all about the interaction with the person at the other end of the phone, that chat, or the text—often at a time of anxiety for them, when they are worried about getting the care they need. So from our perspective, it’s critical that we recruit and train for the best possible talent.

T2 Flex has been doing just that, focused within the healthcare sector, for more than 15 years. Our recruiters have the experience to understand the unique challenges of these roles and the market dynamics

We assess applicants through 6 stages of automated vetting using advanced analytics, followed by two to three stages of personal interviews. It’s a lot for us to invest, but we know that the better we recruit, the better the outcome.

We are always recruiting, not only when there’s an open role, so we have the flexibility to scale quickly whenever needed, with upwards of 7,000 applicants waiting at any time in our database.

Once hired, our agents receive 4 to 8 weeks of training, tailored their role and prior experience, aided by a learning management system that provides a highly sophisticated training platform in concert with person-to-person training. They earn certifications that give them incentives and positive feedback—and give you assurance of their knowledge and readiness.

Workflow accuracy.

Hiring and Training are Just Step One

Through rigorous governance and oversight, we monitor and continue to coach and incentivize the agents who serve your patients.

  • Our policies and oversight are designed to hold agents accountable for delivering excellent customer service. We leverage technology to monitor them closely in real time, with comprehensive reporting dashboards. We record calls, and our artificial intelligence systems can pinpoint those that warrant a full review.
  • None of this is hidden—we are as transparent with our agents as we are with you. They see everything we see about their performance, and we use quality assurance tracking to identify opportunities to coach agents for better and better outcomes.
  • Our agents work in teams, learning with and from each other, ensuring a collaborative environment for remote workers. And we sponsor team competitions—gamification that builds on this culture and fosters learning and growth, rather than fueling stress and attrition through individual competition. Team members earn ribbons for their collective metrics against Key Performance Indicators, and they can trade the ribbons for purchasing on Amazon. And you get access to your team’s quality assurance tracking and scoring.
Agent utilization.

Systems to Maximize Efficiency

With our foundation in the best of technology, artificial intelligence and automation fuel all aspects of managing our workforce effectively.

  • In addition to the recruiting, training, quality assurance and coaching, our day-to-day scheduling works exceptionally smoothly because of our automated systems.
  • Employees’ shifts are automatically determined to meet your needs and high-volume periods, including leave availability, bartering with each other for leave, and maintaining employment law compliance. This offers job satisfaction to agents who embrace structure—the very type we intentionally attract and hire—while enhancing customer service.
  • We track presence and absence from the computer in real-time, proactively identify recurring errors, and use these data to empower agents to improve—and ultimately to give patients an experience that reduces stress associated with accessing your care.
  • Every agent is on a computer and an internet connection that we’ve vetted—using technology—to meet our stringent minimum requirements. We see every keystroke taken on that computer, with the agent’s full knowledge, so we know how work time is being spent. We also measure the internet quality every 15 minutes—and if it drops below our threshold, we shut down that agent’s availability.

All of this reduces downtime, poor quality calls, and disruptions, to improve the patient experience.

Voice call quality.

Communication is Key

One of the most critical ways we improve patient experience is through the technology we use to integrate directly with your phone system. The names of these look like technical jargon, but the purpose and benefits are easily understood. It’s all focused on minimizing delays and distortion in voice quality.

  • Round-trip latency—how long it takes for the call request to go back and forth and be processed—puts a drag on call quality. The tools we utilize reduce this as much as possible.
  • We also create session initiation protocol—or SIP—tunnels, much more advanced than the industry standard, for carrying voice over the internet. This reduces the number of hops required to provide the highest possible mean opinion score—a measure of voice quality. We continuously monitor and score the quality of voice, and if it does not meet our standards, we shut it down.
  • With media path optimization, we allow devices to send media directly to one another. This reduces latency and bandwidth, which is particularly helpful to support agents regardless of where they are located.
  • And we encrypt the traffic at all times for call security.
Security and compliance.

Don't Lose Sleep Over Security Concerns

We know that it’s your reputation and your patients’ privacy and trust at stake, and it’s our responsibility to protect it by wrapping security around every interaction.

  • We conduct comprehensive background checks that comply with all state requirements as well as yours, and strictly meet National Institute of Standards and Technology compliance requirements for authentication and password management. Our agents must use mobile phones for added identification using multi-factor authentication, as well as single sign-on which ensures the agent uses one ID and password to access all of the systems for their work.
  • Our screen capture tools are extremely advanced, identifying characters from images and turning them into manageable data; this allows us to retain data that would be lost using less sophisticated tools.
  • Through behavioral analytics, we monitor and then coach agent activity for compliance to standards, and we continuously check their devices for any threats—such as inadvertently downloading malware that could impact our system—to stop it before that happens.
  • We are compliant with all standards to protect patient information and your data, including HIPAA, payment card information, and SOC 2.

We make a significant investment in this technology, and it’s well worth it—supporting a remote, dispersed workforce with even greater security than is typically found in an internal call center.

Productivity and Quality

T2 Flex is deeply rooted in technology excellence for a reason—it makes us better. Our approach yields the data for comprehensive, meaningful metrics, analysis of results, and continuous improvement. Where the most advanced capabilities aren’t enough for our standards, we have developed proprietary ones. Our technology also provides you with full transparency.

You have your own portal, with a full view of the productivity and performance of your team. You see everything we monitor—the agents’ use of the applications, the speed with at which they conduct each patient interaction, how long calls sit in queues, how long they ring—every dashboard.

Using artificial intelligence, we transcribe and analyze the calls to score the sentiment of both your patient and the agent, helping the agents to identify how they can improve and identifying patterns that enhance the T2 Flex training programs.

The behavioral analytics that result from monitoring agents’ activity and usage in the applications also help us to coach and mentor toward the best possible patient engagement, productivity, and quality.

Financial Flexibility

With agents located in multiple countries, we can cover your needs 24/7 either from the US or from our global locations, giving you staffing model and pricing options.

We do the work to ensure that the global team is connected and engaged, from the technology infrastructure and collaboration tools, to a culture that offers team and peer networks and invests in the employees’ local communities and their social responsibility priorities.

Because we adapt to your existing processes and connect to your systems, testing out T2 Flex for patient access comes with little risk—even more so because we offer predictable, hourly-per-agent pricing and don’t lock you into a contract period. You can walk away at any time, and your existing operations are still completely intact.

We want to help you care for your patients by relieving the stress on them and on your practice—so ensuring financial flexibility and low investment risk just makes sense.


Our goal at T2 Flex is to help you achieve your goals: satisfied patients, who are the bedrock for the revenue that sustains the health care system.

  • We do that by providing a flexible, high quality patient access workforce.
  • We enable it by our investment in the best possible technology, in continuous and rigorous recruiting, and the agents’ engagement and learning. We achieve one-year staff turnover below 10%, vs the industry average of about 30%, and that translates to consistency and quality for your patients—and productivity for your practice.
  • And we are always reaching new levels because that is, quite simply, in our DNA. When we look at the metrics we achieve for you, we don’t point to what’s gone well. We ask: what can we do still better?

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