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It can take several months to a year to successfully fill a healthcare position. 

In the meantime, existing staff are burning out, critical projects remain unfinished, and patients don’t receive the same quality of care.

T2 can help you find the healthcare talent you need…faster and more affordably.

Enterprise solutions skillfully executed for a profitable, sustainable future because each is designed to empower our clients to do more at a lower cost, anchored by a proven methodology, transparency and total accountability.

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T2 solutions are thoughtfully engineered to deliver as promised. The product of methodology you can believe in, executed by committed, seasoned employees, each with proven expertise you can count on. Reach out to see how we can support your organizational needs.

A process from start to finish


T2 Tech is a leading technology consulting/advisory practice of T2 Group, serving many of the nation’s leading hospitals and healthcare systems. Our team of technology experts deliver transformational solutions to complex technology challenges that align IT strategies with business strategies.

Talent Acquisition Realized
Extensive applicant database


Reach a unique pool of highly qualified professionals you may be missing—whether that’s executive, administrative, clinical, IT or finance. T2’s extensive applicant database and best-in-class ATS gets your job ads in front of the right people, fast.

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Find the most qualified candidates


From AI-enabled resume screening, drug, credit, background and personality assessments and in-house subject matter expert validate across specialties, T2 will ensure that only the MOST qualified candidates make it to your final interviews—saving you time, and money.

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Flexible staffing solutions


Once we have delivered the best candidate, T2 offers a range of flexible solutions—from direct employment or contract-to-hire…at a fraction of the cost of other firms. We will also manage refusals with unselected candidates, closing the loop on the entire process.

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Where others fall short, we exceed expectations.

T2 Group has elevated advisory and consulting services, redefining the design and implementation of enterprise solutions across the ever-evolving technology spectrum.  From large healthcare systems to finance, insurance, pharmacy, education, entertainment and government, T2 has proven their work in virtually every industry.

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